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We’ve been conceiving, designing and prototyping drones since 2012.
From nano drones to large scale VTOL.
We’ve met mainstream, professional and industrial users of drones, to help them understand the revolution we’re going through.

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100+ Custom Drones
22 Conferences
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Thinking of drones as tomorrow flying robots

Today all technologies around drones are ready to use, flight control, sensoring, AI and machine learning.

But it lacked a dream team to carry out. Only a team of great skills is able to offer a simple and ergonomic solution.
Our team is tailor made for drones.

Developing tomorrow’s flight intelligence means we had to build a framework that simplifies the way we interact with drone for both developers and industrial clients. Now that we have this platform we’re working to create pro applications and flight behaviors.

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Team Member Hakim Amrani Montanelli
CEO & Founder