Press Release on the Flylab and Intel partnership

August 25th, 2016 by FlyLab

FlyLab - CellCamp / Lift Conference

13 February 2016 by FlyLab

We had a perfect Valentine’s weekend, full of love, robots and tech opportunities.
The annual Lift Conference took place in Geneva, bringing together some of the most influential actors in tech and digital fields, in the (geographical) heart of Europe.

Our friends and connectors from Cellabz set up an incredible adhoc camp, at the Hackuarium, a dynamic and generous hackerspace in Renens, nearby Lausanne. This event was focused on Blockchain technologies. We talked about Etherum and smart contracts with Stefan Tual ( founder et COO), and met a lot of mad and inspiring people, involved in robotics, design, open-source culture, ecology and art. All the human and technical resources were mixed and organized in workshops, according to some specific problematics.

As we thought, Blockhain technologies definitely fits with our projects and aims, they represent a huge opportunity for artificial intelligence and communication, especially for swarm development.
Now things have kicked off, we’ve launched some research programs with new partners.

Thank you again CellLabz, for this lovely Valentine’s weekend.
Some of the fascinating people we met :

Manu and Sylvain, who are working on a AUV dedicated to polar and sea explorations, for the Roland Jourdains's foundation.

Sam, working on its own rover.

Yoann (TiliOS), Nicolas (Cité du Design), Hakim (Flylab) & Jean-Lucien (Flylab)

Connie et Benjamin (Littlebits, and much more).

In case you never been to Hackuarium :

FlyLab - January Drones Test

Slide Background
02 February 2016 by FlyLab

One month ago we had a really cool day : our first 2016 flight session.
We did it at one of favorite playground, close to the Vincennes’s hippodrome.
The aim, beyond the fact of being all together, was to test our war machine, the Slimer one, which is able to fly at 160km/h!

We brings 6 machines with us:

- Drone racer 250
- Drone TBS
- Bebop 1, with a FPV kit
- Skylark FPV
- Anakin, from Skyhero.
- FlyLab Slimer I

We also met two FPV racers, and drones-lover ! FlyLab FPV Drones FlyLab Team